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Hi Everyone! quick disclaimer before we start – these photos are not taken by me and I do not claim any rights. All credit the rightful owner!


Ok, so. As you can probably tell by the title of this post, today we’re talking about cruelty free beauty. This actually isn’t a subject I knew anything about or took a particular interest in until earlier this month. I mean, obviously I’ve seen the Facebook videos showing what they do to the poor wee animals but, really badly on my part, I kind of just went ‘oh that’s so awful’ while continuing to apply my MAC lipstick or No7 foundation. Not good. What really made me sit up and think about it was a panel I attended at SITC. It was a cruelty free beauty panel and it was taken by youtubers Sanne Vliegenthart and Marion Honey from the channel Derpinamode and Jenny Bingham from thatjennybee.

Honestly, the passion for and knowledge of the subject that these girls had was so infectious and eye opening that I knew I had to share what I had learned. A good place to start is, what actually is cruelty free? Cruelty free make up is make up that is not tested on animals (including insects – did you know a lot of lipsticks contain crushed beetles?? ew). Vegan and Vegetarian is sometimes included under the ‘cruelty free’ branch. That is when the make up or make up brushes don’t contain any animal or animal bi product, such as no animal hair in make up brushes.


A big part of going cruelty free is understanding how in depth it goes and at what level you are comfortable stopping at. So technically, no product you have bought from within the EU has been tested on animals. As of March 2013, it became illegal for companies to sell products that are tested on animals in the EU (will this rule still apply if the UK leave the EU?? That is a whole other topic). So if you are happy knowing that all the products you wear are cruelty free, then that’s cool, you’re all good. But sadly, the next level is a bit more complex. Even if you buy, for example, an Estee Lauder foundation in Scotland, it may have not been tested on animals but the money they earn from your purchase allows them to fund animal testing in other countries. Not good at all. The next level after this is to do with parent companies. To explain this, I’m going to use NARS. So, NARS are widely known for being a cruelty free brand and this leads to many questions about why top cruelty free bloggers and vloggers don’t use the brand. This is because NARS are owned by Estee Lauder who are the BIGGEST testers on animals. This means that even though NARS do claim to be cruelty free, the money they make still go towards animal testing. And in the case of NARS, they have recently stated selling in China which means they are no longer cruelty free. (TIP: if a company sell in China, they are NOT cruelty free).

These are three places to go if you want to learn a bit more about cruelty free beauty. The first two are blogs, crueltyfreekitty and logical harmony. These were both mentioned at the SITC panel and were credited by all 3 of the panelists for helping them learn more about the subject. The last photo is of a youtube called Bella Fiori. I just recently discovered her channel through her series ‘Mystery Mondays’. Side note: if you like conspiracy theory stuff, these are videos for you! Through these videos, I found out that she only uses cruelty free brands. She is a really good channel for researching brands that you can use while trying to go cruelty free.


According to the panelists, apparently the easiest way to go cruelty free is to transition slowly. You don’t need to raid your make up bag and throw out all your MAC lipsticks and Estee Lauder foundations as then you’ll just end up feeling like it’s a huge task and too much effort. By transitioning slowly, you make it an easier task. When one of your products runs out, replace it with a cruelty free alternative. Start doing your research when you first notice the product running out so your aren’t looking for a quick replacement. This is the stage I’m currently at. As you can see from my previous post on my skincare routine, I use Clinique – a brand that is 100% not cruelty free. My plan is to start doing my research and finding cruelty free replacements for all my favourite products and hopefully I will be able to transition into cruelty free soon enough.


To end this post, I’m going to list a few cruelty free brands that I have found to hopefully help any of you out if you are thinking of going cruelty free. Drug Store – Superdrug own brand, Eco Tools, Gosh, Sleek, Kiko and Lush. High End – Charlotte Tilbury, Kat Von Dee, Hourglass and Illamasqua. Also, in exciting news, after 10 years of being owned by L’Oreal, The Body Shop has recently been sold to a Brazilian company and is now OFFICIALLY cruelty free again!!


I hope this post has been informative for you! I’m no expert though, I’m pretty new to the whole cruelty free thing so if you want to take your research further, any of the bloggers and youtubers I mentioned are a great source of information! Much love, Cat x


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