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Hi Everyone! Although it scares me to say it, we are now on the Christmas countdown… I know. Stress. As much as I love Christmas, I am by no means ready for it! On Friday evening, Lush in Aberdeen very kindly invited me to a blogger meet up to preview their new festive range and take part in a few demos and see how everything worked. I’ve been a Lush addict since I was about 14 so this was a dream come true for me! This evening definitely put me in a much more Christmassy mood and it was so lovely to meet her bloggers in Aberdeen. Special shoutout to my new friend Annabelle, who is also studying Fashion Management but in 4th year. You can read her blog at!

A big part of the evening was demonstrations of some of the products. These two pictures are from some of Lush’s amazing bath bombs! Like always, the colours are absolutely incredible and they leave your skin feeling so soft and pampered, its amazing! My new flat actually has a bath in it so I’m very excited to get back into the bath bomb life!

I need to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the staff at Aberdeen Lush, they were also bubbly and excited to be there – it really made all the difference! It was also so nice to put some names to faces within the Aberdeen blogging community which is filled with so many lovely people.


Lush were nice enough to give me some products to try out (secret: I couldn’t wait and already used a bath bomb but I’ve got photos of all the rest!) A couple of these I did buy myself but the rest were kindly gifted to me – doesn’t make them any less amazing though!

First up is the Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub. This product brings back so many memories of being in school, every girl was obsessed with the Lush Lip Scrubs! I can totally understand why, this tastes exactly as the name suggests and it leaves your lips feeling so soft and smooth!

This is the Twilight Naked Shower Gel. I’d never heard of the Lush ‘Naked’ products before, but now i’m a huge fan! It means more product and less packaging, who wouldn’t be? This shower gel smells like lavender, making it perfect for a relaxing evening shower.

Next is another naked product. The Christingle Naked Body Conditioner is one of my favourite products from the night. It gets used after shower gel and works like a moisturiser and a lotion. It also smells INCREDIBLE.

When I was invited to this event, I was on the hunt to find a good face mask. My skin is definitely in need of it – I’ve ben so ill so i’m all dried out and getting stress breakouts all over the shop! I asked one of the girls working what product she could recommend and this is what she suggested. The Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask. It smells so nice and florally and leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and clean. Exactly what I needed.

This is the BĂ»che de Noel Face Cleanser. This was actually made in front of us at the event so we could see how fresh it was. It also contains cranberries, clementines, brandy and gold leaf flakes – the perfect Christmas product!

My favourite part of the night was making my own Butterbean bath bomb!! Look how cute he is!! I think this was such a fun part of the night and really helped the bloggers to interact with Lush. It also smells like cocoa which is a bonus! Can’t wait to use it!

Saving potentially the best for last, this is called Shades of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. It’s actually marketed as a lip block but the girl who showed it to Annabelle and I explained that it is actually an incredible highlighter – and she is 100% right! By using different sides of the product, you get three different shades of gold and they are all so warm and glittery which is exactly what this time of year needs!


To finish, I just want to say another big thank you to Lush Aberdeen for a fantastic evening and it was so nice to meet some other local bloggers! I hope you enjoyed this post, much love, Cat x

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