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Hi Everyone!

Today I thought I would talk a wee bit about my skincare routine. It took me a very long time to find products and a routine that seemed to control my spots whilst not causing other side effects such as dryness or oiliness.

The routine that I use just now and seems to be the best one for me that I have tried is the Clinique 3-Step Skincare System which is pictured above. There are a few different products within these ranges and I have used a couple of the other ones before settling on these three.

Step one is this “take the day off’ cleansing milk. I had to start using this product out of necessity originally but I’m now so in love with it that I can’t imagine using anything else. This cleanser can be used with or without water. I actually have a sensitivity to using water on my skin – weird I know! Whenever I went on holiday or stayed at a friends house, using water from somewhere that was not my own home caused my skin to dry out completely making make up very hard and quite painful to wear. This problem only got worse when I moved away for university as by the time my skin got used to the water in Aberdeen, it was time to come back home for Christmas messing everything up again! Eventually, my mum found this option from Clinique and I haven’t had this problem since. The cleansing milk is the first step in my skincare routine and I use it the same as you would with water, putting some in my hands and rubbing it all over my face, before taking it off with a clean face towel.

The second step in the routine is this ‘twice a day exfoliator’ clarifying lotion. I use the most gentle kind available as I have quite sensitive skin and the stronger versions were causing my face to sting. This stuff is amazing for getting bacteria out of your skin and helping to reduce spots! I put a little bit of it on some cotton wool before rubbing the cotton wool all around my face and neck.

The third and final step in this process is the moisturiser. It is called ‘dramatically different moisturising lotion’ and it is an amazing product. It isn’t to thick or oily which helps it to easily absorb into the skin. One of my favourite parts of this product is the fact that it comes with a pump. If at all possible, ALWAYS use a moisturiser with a pump! By sticking your fingers into a tub of moisturiser, you are spreading dirt and bacteria into the product, which you then put on your face, causing spots.

All in all, I really believe that the Clinique 3-Step Skincare System improved my skin greatly and I would recommend these products to all skin types!

Although a good skincare routine is very important in maintaining healthy skin, there is other things that I have discovered correlate directly to my spots.

It sounds like the biggest cliche ever but honestly, upping my water intake was one of the best things I did for my skin! By drinking more water, you are hydrating your skin while also flushing out all the bad toxins that cause breakouts.

Another couple of obvious ones are thinking about what you put into your body and remembering to take your make up off before bed. I know that when I’ve been drinking a lot of fizzy drinks or fallen asleep with my make up on that I’m 99% going to wakeup with a fresh breakout. It’s not worth it!

Something that some of you may not know is that using face wipes is actually bad for your skin. Most wipes contain alcohol which clogs pores and causes breakouts. I know they may seem like an easy option but truthfully, they don’t really take any less time than a proper cleanser! I made the mistake of using a face wipe almost a week ago now and my skin is still suffering for it!

The last thing that probably made the biggest impact on my skin was reducing dairy. I’m not entirely sure why this helps but my skin has vastly improved since I switched out normal milk and yoghurts for almond based products- which,by the way, hardly taste any different! Around two years ago, I was suffering from really quite bad acne along and under my cheekbones that nothing seemed to help. I wasn’t sure what was causing them and I had no idea how to stop them. It wasn’t until my mum suggested that it could be due to the yoghurt I had been having every morning for breakfast. I wasn’t too convinced by this, but I gave almond based products a go and within a week, my skin was practically perfect!

I just want to say that this is all purely based on my experience and different things affect different people. I hope that this most might help anyone that is struggling with their skin!

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