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Hi Everyone! Long time no speak! Anyway, you know the drill, here’s the disclaimer – all photos are taken from the Boux Avenue website and I do not claim any credit!


So, I’ve always been a strong believer that a woman in nice underwear is a force to be reckoned with. It doesn’t matter if no one else sees it, you feel a bit better about yourself – as if you might have your life together!! Boux Avenue is my favourite place to shop for underwear. They cater to so many different sizes and have so many cute styles. They also offer student discount which is a huge bonus!! I’m also a fan of their nightwear and slipper collections.


I’ve been excited for the Boux Avenue Christmas collection since about August I think – bit keen I know, but believe me it’s worth it! I was definitely not disappointed. The fact that the face of the campaign is Mollie King had me before I even saw the pieces. I’m still the biggest Saturdays fan ever and if you didn’t love her on Strictly, you’re lying. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite things from the collection. Hope you like them!!

First was this ‘Nap Queen’ black sleep t shirt. I just think this would be so comfy and easy but still feel kind of glam (I know most people don’t care about their pyjamas being glam but I do. Don’t judge). Anyone that knows me will tell you that I NEED my sleep. Like, be scared if you see me on a sleep deprived morning. This tee is so cute and perfect for a chill Winter evening.

This dressing gown oh my goodness! (It is a dressing gown by the way, none of this housecoat nonsense). You can almost feel how soft and cosy it is through the screen. I also love the colour red, especially at Christmas! Can definitely see this making its way onto my Christmas wishlist!

This little set is so cute and as it has no underwire, it will be super comfy too. I can’t speak for everyone, but on the rare occasion I wear matching underwear I feel like I can take on the world. I also love purple and I like how this set is still fairly light and doesn’t look too heavy and dark. It’s a very flattering style that would suit most figures.

This colour!! I love a good teal bra and the lace detail on this one makes it so pretty and feminine. A plunge bra is a really good style for people with bigger assets as they appear more proportionate and less ‘in your face’!

Now this does have a slight 50 shades feel to it but I still really like it. I love bras with a harness top as it looks really nice under a mesh top or appearing over a vest. The cage bit underneath is a bit out there but it definitely looks good! Still a favourite for me, you can’t get any more flattering than black either!


Well, that’s my favourite pieces from the Christmas collection but I encourage you to go look for yourself! There’s so much nice stuff for yourself or for Christmas presents! Hope you enjoyed! Much love, Cat x

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