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Hi Everyone! Loads of blogs and magazines that I read and you tubers that I watch have all been talking about the disappearance of Summer and the emergence of Autumn. On the most part, everyone seems to be feeling quite negative towards the change but I have to say I’m pretty excited for it. Autumn has always been my favourite season, partly because it’s my birthday season, but mostly because I LOVE the weather, and in turn, the clothes that come with it. Give me a wooly jumper over denim shorts any day of the week (or year I suppose)…

On Friday, Hollie and I had a rare day where neither of us had anything to do so we decided to be the epitome of social media obsessed teenagers and head to Duthie Park to take some cute pics. Honestly, if you live in or near Aberdeen, get yourself to Duthie Park! It’s one of my favourite places to go and it just makes me feel so relaxed and happy. And the park is also a great background for blog pics, which is a bonus for a fashion student like me!

Now on to what this post is actually about… my outfit. I actually really like the clothes I wore this day, I think it’s a really nice outfit for a cold day in somewhere like Scotland! My favourite part of the whole outfit is actually my jacket which I only actually purchased last week! It’s from Miss Selfridge and I think it was originally £75 but there was a 20% off offer on when I bough it and Miss S had a 20% student discount on so I think in the end I only ended up paying around £50 for it! I think that is an amazing price for such a good quality jacket! The bodysuit I’m wearing is also from Miss Selfridge and it’s just plain black with three quarter sleeves. I really like this as it’s such a staple item that can be worn with pretty much anything. Basics are ALWAYS a good idea – especially when they are only £12! The last ‘main’ part of the outfit is the trousers. These are – surprise, surprise – also from Miss Selfridge (could you ever have guessed i work there?) I LOVE these trousers. I literally bought them the day I unpacked them from our store delivery. It was actually one of the girls I work with that said they would suit me and I’m so happy that i bought them as I haven’t stopped wearing them since. I think the check pattern is so classic and cool, really makes an outfit look up market, but is also super easy to wear. I think these trousers were £39 and they are so worth it!

To finish off my outfit, I just wore my black converse – which are a bit past their day but I can’t afford new ones – and my favourite hobo bag from Miss Selfridge. I also changed the belt that came with the trousers for my black New Look one as I thought it would look a bit cooler… but I’m really not cool so who knows if that worked! Just to finish, I’ll leave you with some more overly-posed photos from the day. Enjoy!

Credit to Hollie for all the pictures – you can watch her youtube channel at Hope you enjoyed this post! Much love, Cat x

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