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Hi Everyone! This week a couple of friends and I went down to the beach to shoot for my friend Natalie’s photoshoot for our university magazine. Now, as fashion students, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and take some potential instagrams/blog pictures while we were there. (I’m wearing sunglasses in November because I was wearing hardly any make up and looked like the bride of Frankenstein. Lol).

I’m literally obsessed with this outfit at the moment. My very favourite movie is Clueless and Cher is a style queen. No discussion necessary, she just is. This is the closest I can ever get to being Cher – a pink jumper and a checked skirt. Works for me anyway… As I’m sure you guys will agree, Cher would not have been caught dead in dirty converse. I was planning on wearing my trusty winter Chelsea boots which would have looked a bit more glam but as you can see, we’re on Aberdeen beach. And as I was the photographer, I ended up getting into some weird positions to get the perfect shot – including literally in the water. Converse was the best option.

This jumper is a very recent purchase from New Look. I used to have a jumper quite similar to this a few years ago and I don’t think I ever wore it. Since buying it, I think I’ve work it 3 days in a row. This skirt is a super cute 70s inspired Miss Selfridge number and it’s one of my favourite items I own just now. I love the pattern so much – as you can probably see considering I wore an identical pair of trousers a couple of posts ago – it just looks so nice with a brightly coloured top and a cool belt.

Although the sunglasses were just to cover up my eye bags, I quite like the end result and I think Cher would definitely approve! They are from Coconut Lane, one of my favourite homeware and accessories websites. If you see anything you like, you can use my discount code “catspyjamas20” for 20% off!

Well, I hope I’ve done Clueless proud with my outfit and I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Much love, Cat x

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