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Hi Everyone! If you didn’t know, the brand Monki has recently opened their first store in Scotland in Glasgow (my home town wahoo!) I LOVE Monki so much. I had actually never heard of the company until I moved to Aberdeen last year. My friend Zoe is from Germany and pretty much all her clothes are from Monki. I love her style so obviously I had to check out this website. Although I’ve known about this company for over a year now, I have never actually purchased anything from Monki. So, when Monki opened in Glasgow in November I was really excited to finally go in and buy something. The problem is, however, I live in Aberdeen and I really wanted to a blog post on what I bought. I also wanted to use this post in one of my ten assessed blog posts for university that need to be completed by December 22nd and I won’t be in Glasgow until the 23rd. Dilemma. Luckily, I have 4 of my best friends back in Glasgow who saved my problem. They chose me some things from Monki that they thought I would like and sent them up to me. They did a really good job – proving how well they know me- as I love everything!

The first thing they got me was this beautiful skirt. It is A-line, which if you know me is pretty much the only skirt shape I wear. It’s a really flattering style on my figure and it’s definitely comfier than a skin tight skirt! It is leather look but its not as structured and hard as leather which again makes it easier to wear. The gold gems on it add a little something extra to the garment and makes it feel quite Christmassy. A good shout from my friends!

Next is this high neck, long sleeve velvet top. This isn’t probably something I would have picked out for myself but I actually really like it. It’s really cosy and easy to wear which is a plus! The only thing I’m not too keen on is how tight the sleeves are but the gold sparkles again make up for it! Anything sparkly, I’m sold.

I can almost guarantee that my friend Kirsty picked this top. I’m a fan of easy to wear t shirts so this is a good pick for me. And the slogan is something I feel very strongly about as well. This is a size medium and I think a small would have fitted me a bit better as this is slightly too baggy but its definitely comfy and a nice top just to throw on! It is also really, really soft!

Lastly were the accessories. These are potentially my two favourite items from the mini haul. Lets talk about the sunglasses. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of good sunglasses for ages. I don’t really know why but I really struggle while looking for sunglasses. I can never find ones I want to wear for more than just one holiday. I love these a lot though!! The colour is probably my favourite thing as they are red – my favourite colour. I also love the ‘john lennon’ style of the frames. Well done my friends, well done.


The cat bag. Can we talk about the cat bag?? It’s so cute! And it’s actually really practical as well! I took it on a night out last week and I could fit my purse, keys, perfume and a jumper to wear on the walk home in it! I like how it has a long shoulder strap as well as I always put a clutch down and lose it!


So, I think it’s safe to say that my friends know me really well and they all have great taste as I’ll be keeping everything! Hope you enjoyed this post! Much love, Cat x

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