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Hi Everyone! Sorry I’ve been so off my game lately, I’m going to try and be better at this!! Also, quick disclaimer – I don’t claim credit for any of these photos, all rights to rightful owner.


So, before I actually started blogging, I read a lot of different fashion blogs which is what eventually caused me to start my own. Even now, one of my favourite things to do is to sit and read through blog posts. After having read loads of different blogs for quite a while now, I’ve got a few ‘ride or dies’ that never fail to be interesting reads.

First off is Victoria from In The Frow. Victoria is probably my very favourite blogger. I really like the fact that she has such a successful youtube career as well but is still such an active blogger. She’s also a relatively well known blogger but makes the effort to reply to her comments on her blog posts. For me, one of the most important parts of being a blogger is to be interactive with your audience. Victoria’s content is also of a really high quality. Her posts are always really well thought out and her photos are also of a really high standard. Her content is so personal, its almost like advice to her readers which makes it all the better. I can’t recommend her blog enough.

Poppy’s one that I’m sure most people have heard of, She’s the sister of youtuber Alfie Deyes but she’s making quite a lot of progress in the blogging industry. I really appreciate her wide variety of content – it’s not just an outfit pic every week, she’s got lifestyle, interiors and of course, fashion. I also really like how honest Poppy is as well, she’s truthful in how her shape could use her to feel uncomfortable in some items of clothes and how she gets by this with alternatives. You can see her posts on her blog

Primrose from the blog Style Petal is someone I’ve only really discovered recently but she’s made it to my top 5. She’s a very open blogger and isn’t afraid to tackle controversial topics head on. She’s also very active across all social media platforms which makes her seem very approachable as a blogger. She also discusses her struggles with her skin on her blog which I find very inspirational.

Amy Elizabeth from SaltandChic isn’t maybe as well known a blogger but I really, really like her content – and her instagram is amazing! She has a really individual and cool style which sets her apart from other bloggers. She also speaks about how she has 2 jobs in addition to being very active on her blog which shows her dedication to it.

Olivia from whatoliviadid was actually the first fashion blogger I ever read. She is where I took my inspiration for blogging from and I really like her style of writing. Her personality really comes across through her writing and you can really tell how much she loves what she does. I’d recommend her blog to anyone thinking about starting a blog or who is just getting into blogs.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and might check out some of the blogs that I mentioned. Much love, Cat x

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