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Hi Everyone! So, Christmas is in 4 days (how did that happen?) and after Christmas we all know what comes next – New Years Eve or Hogmanay. Now, I actually really don’t like Hogmanay. Unpopular opinion I know, but I always find making plans and finding outfits so stressful and then having gone through all of that effort and stress, the night hardly ver lives up to expectations. I’d honestly rather stay at home with my family and have a quiet one – I’ve had enough ‘going out’ NYE’s to last me a while. I think when I’m older, I’ll probably end up going away for New Years, maybe to somewhere like Crieff Hydro. But for now, I still need to deal with the yearly struggles of finding the perfect outfit. I’m thinking that a lot of you reading will have the same issues so I have compiled my top 5 NYE outfits that I’ve found for this year.

First is this absolutely incredible two piece from the PiaMiaxIntheStyle collaboration. I wasn’t actually too impressed with the collection but oh my goodness do I love this outfit. I know it may seem a bit out there and you’d have to be pretty confident to pull it off but I think NYE is the perfect time to be a little more glam and try something different. All together, this costs £56.98, which is pretty pricey so it’s maybe not one you should wear to a messy house party, but if you have something special planned, this would be perfect.

This option is also quite fancy but I think because it’s so funky it’s a little more versatile. It’s very Camilla in the Havanna music video, really cool. I personally feel that if you start off the new year in this outfit, you are starting it off well. The jumpsuit is so fierce and it’s actually really affordable – £25.00 from PrettyLittleThing.

This Topshop number genuinely gives me chills, I need it badly! My friends and I were talking about going for a glam night out over the holidays and I think this would be perfect. It isn’t too fancy and I feel like you could wear it to pretty much whatever you are doing on NYE. I think the style and colour of this dress are both very flattering. On the website it says it is red but I would call that pink. It is £38.00 which I wouldn’t say is bad for the perfect NYE outfit.

Now this is possibly my favourite outfit on the list. It is a pretty comfy and casual option but still looks cool and NYE appropriate. It may be a little risky with no bra underneath but hey ho, if anything happens leave it in 2017! I love this burgundy colour for winter and velvet is also very on trend. It costs £45.00 which is a little pricey for Misguided but it is a very versatile co-ord as you can wear it together or the two pieces separately with other things!

Last is probably the most causal option on the list. I still really like this for New Year as the back is really interesting and it’s velvet and burgundy which we already know I love. This would be the perfect outfit for a house party as it’s only an £18 Topshop number. Still glam but not as out there as the other outfits on my list.


Well, that’s the end of my post. I hope this list might help someone out if they are struggling with what to wear for NYE… and I hope you all have an amazing time over the festive period! Much love, Cat x

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