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Hi Everyone! First off, as usual, the disclaimer – I don’t claim credit for any of these photos, all photos to the rightful owner! Now a quick apology, I’m sorry this post is 2 days late, I haven’t been feeling too great lately and my flatmate just moved in so I’ve been really busy! So sorry it’s late, won’t be making a habit of it, promise!


So now into the actual post. As I’m sure you can guess from the title, today I’m continuing the ‘new ins’ series with Quiz Clothing. Recently, I really think Quiz has upped its game. For quite a while the only times I would go to into a shop was to find a Christmas dance dress. But I’ve noticed a change coming. The brand seems to really be moving into more casual styles and are extremely on trend. As per my Topshop New Ins post, I’ve picked out 5 of my favourite items from the new in section on the Quiz website to share with you.

First up is probably my favourite thing on the list. This berry and black striped culotte jumpsuit is something of dreams. Seriously. I’ve dreamt of it. I just think it is so on trend and ideal for this time of the year as we move into Autumn. Imagine it with a baggy while t-shirt underneath and maybe an oversized denim jacket and black ankle boots and you’ve got that perfect ‘not trying too hard’ look that we all aspire too. 10/10 from me Quiz.

Next is this wine red bardot bodysuit – can you tell I like this colour? – which fits perfectly as the ‘nice top’ you wear when you tell your friends you’re wearing ‘jeans and a nice top’. I really, really like this as it’s so versatile. You could wear it on a night out or to dinner with the fam. The colour is great too because it goes with almost everything but isn’t as plain as black.

The last clothing item I have on my list is this jumpsuit which is a long a similar vibe to the first one but a bit more summery. I’ve wanted to get this for aaaages and as soon as I get paid I probably will lol. I think it’s such a nice transition outfit as it’s still flowery and summery but it is culottes and black making it perfect for Autumn. I also love the bardot neckline. It adds a little more interest and femininity the outfit.

This is a mustard satchel. Repeat. A MUSTARD SATCHEL. Need I say anymore? I love this colour and it’s so in trend just now. This bag is the perfect way to jazz up a simple outfit and is something I would not have expected Quiz to have in stock a couple of years ago. You’re winning the game Quiz, keep it up!!

The last thing I’ve picked out is this super cute rose gold choker. I love the detailing on this!! So stunning. If someone showed me a picture of this choker I would 100% assume it would be really expensive so this would be a great asset to any jewellery collection. It’s so versatile as well, could be used to jazz up jeans and a t shirt or worn with a dress.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you love anything on my list or if there’s anything that I’ve missed! Before we finish, I actually want to mention that I did my school work experience with Quiz headquarters. If anyone doesn’t know Quiz Clothing are based in Glasgow so that also makes me feel more supportive of them as they are fellow Scots! Doing my work experience with them as well was a really enjoyable week. Everyone that worked there was so friendly and helpful which made the experience a lot less intimidating.


All in all, I think Quiz Clothing are a really good company, from the bottom to the top. I hope that if you were like me and only thought of Quiz as a place for Christmas party dresses or ball dresses, that this post might have changed your mind about it. Much love, Cat x

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