Who Says Less is More?

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Hi Everyone! Today we’re talking about clashing prints and feeling comfortable in your own skin. My flatmate/coursemate Georgia and I went to take some photos for our blogs. As part of our course this year, we get marked on a series of 10 blogposts. I knew I had to do a post soon to keep up with my schedule and I was really excited to do it today, but then when it came to it, I was having one of those days where my hair looked greasy, my make ups rubbish and my outfit didn’t look as cool as it did in my head. Not fun.

As you can see from the pictures, this outfit is so EXTRA. Leopard print and bright red? Really? Need to be brave to go for that. This coupled with my mood on the day made me feel very nervous and uncomfortable. Then I somehow flipped a mental switch. I realised, it’s OKAY to have a bad day or not feel as good about yourself or think someone looks prettier or cooler than you. Chances are tomorrow or the next day, they’ll feeling the same about you! That’s why I decided to go ahead with this post and use these pictures. I want to know that it’s okay to feel a bit out of your depth or different. Fashion has always been a way for people to express themselves and for a long time, I struggled to move out of wearing what I thought everyone else would deem ‘socially acceptable’. It wasn’t really until I came to university that I felt confident enough to dress how I want to dress and, like today, even still I feel a bit self conscious or nervous about what people think. I think unless you’re Victoria Beckham or Madonna everyone does sometimes.

I’m sure some of you will think this is a major style fail and that’s totally fine. What I’ve learned since beginning to study fashion is that different things work for different people. And we’re allowed to make mistakes. Fashion is constantly changing and personal style is forever a work in progress. Learning what suits you and what you feel happy wearing is actually quite a complicated task.


I’m still learning to be brave and experimenting with fashion. I’m happy with where I’m going with my style and I’m loving getting inspiration from my friends and coursemates. Hopefully this post has been interesting and not just me giving myself a major pep talk! Ps. Thanks to Georgia for the photos! Have a look at the photos we took of her at www.georgiecurrie.blogspot.com

Much love, Cat x

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