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Hi Everyone! After my post about what I wore in London and Brighton, I’m continuing my wee series with my Summer In the City experience. This was my second time at the event so I was slightly more clued up (read: Hollie was slightly more clued up) so I thought that maybe this post could be useful to anyone thinking about or going next year.

Starting with the logistics, obviously SITC is in London and I’m assuming, like us, a lot of people attending are not from London. This can lead to lots of ‘oh I won’t be able to go, accommodation is too complicated”. For both years, Hollie and I stayed in Ibis hotels. The first year we stayed in the actual Ibis and this year we stayed in an Ibis Styles. Both of these were about a 5 minute walk from the Excel where SITC is held. We stayed in an ensuite bedroom with 2 beds for 3 nights, including 2 days with breakfast for around £150. Pretty reasonable for good food and good beds. Another big tip I would give is get an oyster card!! Honestly doubt we could have managed without ours. An oyster card is basically a card that you put money on that allows you to travel on any train line in London. You simply tap in your card at the start of your journey and tap out at the end. There are also machines at stations allowing you to top up the card whenever you need to. These may seem complicated but TRUST ME. They are not. And a whole lot less complicated and a whole lot less expensive than trying to buy a different ticket every time you get on a train, especially when you are a Scottish tourist and end up on the wrong one a couple of times. Oops.

Ok. So now for the actual SITC experience. I have to say I absolutely love Summer In The City. It’s just such a nice, happy place to be and everyone seems so content. It’s been crowned a ‘no judgement zone’ and I 100% agree with this. So I think for a lot of people who haven’t been to SITC before, the meet and greet seems like it is the whole aim of the game. Although this is a big part, it’s definitely not the only thing SITC has to offer. My favourite thing to do at SITC is attend panels. Over the course of the three days (oh, another tip – get a creator day ticket. The lack of queues alone makes the extra £20 worth it!- we went to 5 panels: Diversity on Instagram, Studio 71: A Masterclass in Working wth Brands, The Fashion and Beauty Panel, How to Start your own Fashion and Beauty Channel and Cruelty Free Beauty. Although some were better than others, I couldn’t say that I didn’t enjoy all of them and found all of them informative and interesting. The panels are taken by you tubers who are asked questions by a panel member and then questions are opened up to the audience. It’s another lovely way to interact with creators and like minded people whilst learning some stuff. On the Sunday though, it was quite clear who’d attended the SITC afterparty the night before hahaha (Sophie Clough I’m looking at you!!) Didn’t make anything any less enjoyable though! There are different rooms and stages for all the panels to be held at so be assured there will be something for you!

Next, the meet and greets. So just for a bit of background, the way SITC does meet and greets is through a ballot system. So your group goes on the website and selects your top 8 people you’d like to meet. The ballot then randomly churns out names of people and you are emailed which meet and greets you have. Although there is no guarantee you will meet anyone at SITC, the ballot is the fairest, most efficient way to do it. And anyway, quite a lot of youtubers do walk around the event making plenty of opportunity to see your fave youtubers.


This year, Hollie and I managed to get meet and greets with Mark Ferris and Anastasia from Floral Princess and Eve Bennett. NUMBER ONE TIP FOR ATTENDING MEET AND GREETS: BRING SNACKS. THE QUEUES ARE LONG.

Our Saturday meet and greet was with Mark. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that he was absolutely lovely. His meet and greet was 3 hours long and we were pretty near the end- I think we met him about 5.45pm – but he still greeted us with the biggest smile on his face and was so energetic even though he must have been exhausted. He took a genuine interest in us, asking if we were Scottish and telling us about Brighton when he found out we were going. What a lovely guy. And yes, we can confirm he is as tall as he looks in videos.

Next up were Anastasia and Eve. I apologise for this photo, it’s the most flattering one I could find! Ana and Eve had both been at the party the night before and it seems like they had had a very good time hahaha. Both were super nice though and Anastasia was only slightly embarrassed by the fact we had seen her at breakfast in the hotel that morning with no shoes on! Again, 2 more lovely, lovely girls.


So anyway, I can’t imagine a better experience than Summer in the City. It’s such a nice place filled with such nice people. Before I forget, I subscribed to a magazine called Blogosphere Magazine and it’s so good and interesting! Would recommend. If you want to get a better idea of what being at SITC is actually like, my friend Hollie vlogged her whole time there on her channel HollieDaily. She also has a main channel called HollieDollie if you want to check that out too!


I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Until next year, SITC!

Just before I go, I’m going to be uploading a post every Wednesday from now on (I hope) so please keep reading!! Much love, Cat x


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