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         London Fashion Festival

Hi Everyone!

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend London Fashion Week Festival with some of my friends from my university course. This was an absolutely amazing experience as not only do I adore London, I have never been to anything as cool as this festival before. Last year, I attended The Clothes Show Live which was also exciting but nowhere near as big and as special as Fashion Festival!

We arrived around 9am on the Wednesday morning and went to our hotel do leave our bags. (Top tip for travelling in London – get a Visitor Oyster Card!! makes everything SO easy). We were staying in the Edward Hotel in Paddington which was really nice. We had two rooms of three and although they were small they were very nice and comfortable. The only disappointing part of this hotel was their breakfast! We soon solved that problem by finding a great wee pub that did breakfast really cheap at the end of our street!












These are my lovely friends Olivia and Zoe on our first day adventures!  We had quite a lot of time to kill on the first day so we decided to walk to Hyde Park which was only about 5 minutes from our hotel. We then went to Hardrock Cafe for lunch as it is genuinely one of my favourite places in London and it does great gluten free food as 2 of my friends are gluten free!

The evening of our first day was definitely one of my favourite’s of the whole trip. We had been invited to attend an event at Coach with the blog WhoWhatWear which was a nice evening where we met some lovely people and saw the new Coach collection. There was also free food and cocktails – what else could you ask for?! After that we had decided to go to a bar called Tonight Josephine that I had seen on instagram (how basic haha). It was about a 5 minute walk from Waterloo train station and it is definitely one of the coolest places I have been too and the drinks were great and not all that expensive! You will probably recognise their famous sign haha…







The Thursday was the day the festival. We had some time in the morning so we decided to head to Covent Garden as it was near to the festival venue and a couple of us had never been! It was so unbelievably pretty! Definitely not one to miss if you go to London, it had many nice restaurants and shops.


In the afternoon it was finally time to go to London Fashion Festival. When we arrived we were all given a free tote bag which was pretty cool and then we went to see what was going on. There were so many exciting stalls including a massage stall! And loads of clothing, hair accessories and jewellery that could be purchased – my personal fave was the Olivia Burton wall! We were lucky enough to have tickets to the Zandra Rhodes catwalk which was incredible.  I only relatively recently discovered Zandra but she is absolutely iconic and has been a frontrunner in the industry for 50 years! If you haven’t heard of her I recommend checking her out! Somehow my friends Olivia, Emma and I ended up in the front row which was pretty exciting!

Absolutely incredible. After the show we went for a walk around Westminster and then to one of my favourite London Restaurants, the Rum Kitchen. I first went here 2 years ago in summer and loved it so was happy to go back!

Our last day was the Friday and by then I think we were all craving a bit of a shopping spree! We decided to head to Westfield centre to see the Misguided store and then headed back to Oxford Street to pick up some things people had seen over the past couple of days.

We needed to get to the airport for about 6.15pm so we headed back to the hotel around 5pm to pick up our stuff and get the tube. We were all really tired by this point so were happy to FINALLY get through security. Before the flight we had time for a quick Wagamama’s (which I have never had before lol I know) and then before you know it, we were back in Aberdeen.


I had an amazing couple of days with some of my best friends. I’m really happy we had the chance to experience a proper fashion based trip in the fashion capital of the UK. I do love London and jump at any chance to go so it was lucky I ended up back there a couple of days later… but that’s a story for another post!


I hope you enjoyed this rather long post and I hope you like my new blog theme!! My brother helped me out with this one, big thanks to him!

Much love,

Cat x



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