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Hi Everyone! Is it just me who’s still struggling to believe its now December?! Seriously, where did the year go! Although it does make me really excited for Christmas and going home, I am still pretty stressed about coursework! I can’t wait to be at home with my family and ur tree watching Christmas films all day long – a family tradition that I hope never stops. Even though going home is something I’m looking forward to, I am a bit worried as I haven’t done Any Christmas shopping yet (who else said they would do it in October?) Christmas shopping for my sister is always alright as she’s a similar age so I know what she’s like but shopping for my parents or grandparents is a whole other ball game! Luckily, I live right next to the Bon Accord and St Nicholas Centre who have so many different shops, there is definitely something for everyone! My friends Ellen (, Amy ( and I regularly work with the centre to promote them and we had the idea of creating ‘gift giving guides’ for different age groups to help anyone struggling for ideas out! Check out the other girls’ blogs for theirs but I have compiled a little list of items available at the Bon Accord and St Nicholas centre that would be good presents for your parents or maybe your grandparents. Hope it helps!

First up is something that I don’t think many people would think of but is actually a really good idea! If your parents are anything like mine, they LOVE going for coffee and costa is my mum’s firm favourite. This is a nice gift that doesn’t need to be too expensive but they will appreciate as it’s something they can do together or even with you. And your grandparents will love it too as they’re retired – they can get coffee whenever they want!

This one is probably something your mum or grandma would appreciate more. If you’re looking for something that bit more upmarket but still affordable, a Jo Malone candle is a great idea! These candles smell amazing and come in so many different scents there will definitely be one for everyone! They also last for AGES so definitely worth the extra expense!

Now, this may not appeal to you or me but I know my mum would love it. She’s always talking about ‘a sensible coat that still looks nice’ and this fits the bill. It will definitely keep you warm but its still quite fitted so you’ll have a figure. It’s from Next and is a winner I think!

Now if you’re struggling for ideas, homeware is always a good choice for a parent or grandparent. Just remember to consider the colour scheme they have!! I picked this one as it would look really nice in my parents’ bedroom. These cushions are available in loads of different colours and they are from Laura Ashley so make a nice present.

Now we can’t forget the male members of the family! I think a Christmas jumper is always a safe bet when it comes to shopping for the hard to please men! I bought my grandpa a Christmas jumper a couple of years ago and he still gets it out every Christmas and New Year! It’s more of a joke present but one that will go down well! This jumper is also from Next.

Last on our little guide is this wallet from John Lewis. In my experience, a wallet is always a good idea as my dad seems to destroy his within a year! They are used every day which is a nice touch as they will always think of you when they see it. Spending a little more money on a high quality should mean it lasts a while too.


And now we have reached the end of this guide. I hope it helps you! All the products are available in Aberdeen Bon Accord and St Nicholas centre so if you’re local make sure to go to solve all your present problems!


Much love, Cat x

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