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Hi Everyone! I’m starting a new segment on my blog where I review cafes, restaurants etc. I’m going to aim to write a new post in this series about once a month (gives me an excuse to eat out and try new places!) Since I’m not long back from my trip to Brighton – aka the home to all funky food places – I thought now would be a good time to start!!


I’m kind of combining 2 reviews here. The first place I’m going to mention is actually an ice cream shop so there isn’t as much to say but it 100% deserves a mention.

The shop is called Boho Gelato and if you watch Zoe or Alfie on youtube, I’m sure you will have heard of it! When we went I wasn’t actually too sure what to expect. It’s kind of like ‘it’s ice cream, how good can it be?’ The answer is VERY. The flavours are so individual and unusual as well as the prices being amazingly reasonable. For example, Hollie had a Chocolate and Passionfruit cone and I had a summer berries and basil and lemongrass milkshake. Both may sound like odd combinations. Both were fantastic.

The decor of the shop was also so cute and the girl who served us was so lovely! The shop we went was located in The Lanes so a perfect central location. 10/10, would recommend!


The next place we went was a cafe called Red Roaster. Again, if you watch Zoe or Alfie’s videos you will have heard of this place. I actually can’t even explain to you how amazing this wee cafe was. It was soon aesthetically pleasing and definitely the hub for upcoming social media enthusiasts.

Ad you can see, the inside followed a white and marble theme with touches of gold. This calming vibe was further supported by all the leafy green plants which added to the aesthetic but did not overpower. It was amazing.

When we visited, it was such a nice day that we sat in the garden. This was honestly so nice and pretty and somehow managed to have absolutely zero bugs??!! This is a mega win for me as my biggest fear is being eaten alive or attacked by insects while sitting outside. The garden was so calm and picturesque, covered in beautiful tangled roots and ivy. I loved it.

Thankfully, the food lived up to how great everything else was. I had a chicken and avocado salad which was absolutely huge!! Amazing though!! Our drinks were also super light and refreshing which was so needed on how hot it was that day. Mine was Elderflower and Hollie’s was Watermelon.


Part of Red Roaster’s fame comes from their incredibly instagram-able bathroom! As two active social media users, we obviously couldn’t leave without making full use of our opportunity…. hahaha

Anyway, here are two places I absolutely adore in Brighton and can’t wait to return too! I highly recommend that if you are in Brighton, check them out!! Much love, Cat x

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