What’s your vision?

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“You can, you should, and if you are brave enough, you will.”

Hi Everyone!

Has anyone else heard the rumours that there is a script for a third Princess Diaries film?!! I’m praying to all the gods that this is true. Bit of a weird way to start a post, I know, but I watched the first two movies recently and honestly, I relate to Mia Thermopolis a lot. She’s just a girl, finding her way, trying to do what’s best.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with my life. I’m so happy with where I am right now. I’ve started my new role in Trading Optimisation and I’m absolutely loving it. Do you ever just get those feelings like ‘Yeah, this is me’? Before starting my internship, I had no idea what ECommerce even was and now I can 100% see myself succeeding in this industry. It’s a nice feeling.

I was watching Caspar Lee’s new video about what he does for a career. He’s an entrepreneur. I found what he was saying to be really inspiring. He said he wanted to have a 10 year plan, and me, being a huge fan of plans (lol), am totally on board with this. I also recently attended a masterclass at work with Rebecca Davi, a talkshow host. During this, she talked about making the most of your opportunities and starting working towards your goals. Now, I’m nowhere near sure what I want to be doing when I’m 30 but I would love to class myself as an entrepreneur. Now all I need is an idea. My flatmate, Ellen, and I have been talking a lot lately about a ‘side hustle’. It would be so good if I could come up with an idea that I could do alongside my full time job that helps me achieve my goals. Hopefully, this is something I can do in 2019… Stay tuned x

Another thing I have been thinking a lot about lately is jealousy. Both of my flatmates are doing so amazingly at their internships and sometimes I end up comparing myself to them. But, the thing is, I’m so incredibly proud of them and everything they achieve. What I’ve come to realise is it is natural to feel a little bit jealous sometimes. Not everyone goes through the highs at the same time. It doesn’t mean you won’t though. What’s unhealthy is when it becomes a serious complex. I would never, ever, ever wish that I was doing better than my friend or that they weren’t doing as well as they are. When people around me are doing well I’m so so happy for them and I want all of us to be achieving our full potential.

So, I guess I need to figure out my vision. Maybe by the next post I’ll have a next step in mind.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!

Cat x

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