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A picture of me sitting in the 'o' of the ASOS sign in the head office reception.
In the ASOS reception

Go as far as you can see and when you get there, you will see further.

Hi everyone!

So as many of you know I was on a one year placement in the digital commerce department of ASOS in London. As of the 28th June 2019 I have finished my placement. As of the 12th July 2019 I no longer live in London. It’s taken me quite a while (nearly a month) to write this blog post because honestly, since moving out of London my life has been non stop haha. I got back to Glasgow on Friday 12th July. Spent Saturday 13th July unpacking. Went to Ibiza on Sunday 14th July. Got back from Ibiza on 17th July. Went to Aviemore on the 18th July. Got back from Aviemore on the 20th July. Went to a 21st on the 20th July. Started a new full time placement on Monday 22nd July. THEN went to Aberdeen to pick up my new flat keys on Saturday the 26th July. And in the middle of that, I had to unpack all my stuff from London, sort it into stuff to go to Aberdeen and stuff to stay here and finish and submit my uni report worth 80% of my grade for the year. So honestly, this is the first time I’ve had a chance to take a breath since coming home. Also, if your sick of me talking about my year in London, log out now. I can’t entirely put into words how important this year has been for me, personally and professionally. What I can say is, I am a completely different person now to who I was when I moved down.

In June last year, when I started my new internship, I was a 19 year old kid, I had no clue about the professional world, I let things overwhelm me and new experiences scared the life out of me. But at the time I didn’t realise any of this. I was really nervous about moving to London. I’d like to say I hid it well, but I probably didn’t. I was lucky in the sense that I knew the two girls I was going to live with from University and that I knew a few people already in London. I started my job at ASOS, and I was even more lucky to meet another intern who lived about a 5 minute walk from me, that would soon enough become one of my very best friends. Meeting Ellie and her flatmate Liz is up there with one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, and together with my flatmates, we became a group of 5 best friends and I’m so grateful to have met them. It’s great to come home to people who are in very similar situations and be able to rant about a bad day or share a good day with.

The internship itself was undoubtedly the best internship I could have got. From a social aspect, it was great. I made some really good friends on the team that I am sure I will have for years to come. And I learned so much from every person. They are all such great people and have so much amazing stuff in store for them in the future. In terms of the actual job role, I really surprised myself by how much I enjoyed the world of digital. It’s not actually something I knew much about and not necessarily something I thought I would be good at or enjoy. But I loved it and I’m pretty sure it’s the career path I want to take following graduation. Who’d have thought it- I couldn’t figure out how to turn the TV on until I was 10, here I am starting a career as a woman in tech…kind of anyway. I think it’s safe to say I did a lot of growing up this year and I’m proud of how I handled myself. I could go into a lot more deep and cringey details but I think I’ll leave that for now. It’s been a year that I don’t think I’ll ever forget and I’m so happy I decided to do a placement year.

My advice to anyone else going on placement would be to definitely do it, and if possible go somewhere like London. It’s one of the only times in your life that you can just drop everything and go for a year. Make the most of it! I think I’m going to write a post on my advice for getting a placement as well so hopefully you find that helpful!

Hope you have enjoyed this post!

Cat x

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